Puppies Due July 24, 2011
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06.04.11 - "Drake"  Biloxi, MS
Group 4 Judge Steven Gladstone

05.27.11 - "Drake"  Seminole KC, OK
Best Of Breed Judge Erika Gatti

04.29.11 - "Drake"  Baytown KC, TX
Group 1 Judge Warren D. Hudson

04.16.11 - "Drake"  Austin KC, TX
Group 1 Judge Paula Nykiel

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Our life with Boxers began 14 years ago when a pudgy little classic fawn Boxer puppy we called Major selected us to be his family. He was our beloved companion and love of our lives for nearly 13 years. Words could never express how our lives were enriched by his presence. Major now lives deep within our hearts, occupying a special place like no other.

We soon realized one Boxer was not enough, this is where Sassy AKA "The Queen" came into the picture. Our daughter chose her name, "Sassy", as she was eager to give you her two cents worth whether you asked for it or not. She was quite the talker, especially a back talker!

OUR VISION: To love and be loved by a Boxer for the rest of our days. To do everything in our power to better the breed for the future. To learn all we can and help educate others on the importance of health testing and responsible pet ownership. To share our knowledge and help newcomers learn about this breed so they too may be as blessed as we are to have them in our lives. Our Boxers rule and rock our house and we wouldn't have it any other way!! For the rest of our story...

CREDITS: The Boxer art used in our logo was a gift from the late artist Armando Miro.

We Feed Evangers Exclusivley